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SongSisters - Sue Fink, Patti Shaffner, and Amy Dixon-Kolar - are award-winning singer/songwriter friends who discovered that their own distinctive styles blend together, creating something richer than the individual, stronger as a whole.  They delight in and celebrate each other’s music: each “sister” takes the lead on original songs, the others adding soaring harmonies and instrumentation.  Audiences enjoy their diverse repertoire of original and thoughtfully chosen cover songs. 

In 2008, Sue invited both Amy and Patti to join her for an in-the-round gig opportunity. She thought their varied styles – Sue’s whimsical songs, Patti’s forays into folk and jazz, and Amy’s impressive finger-picking, with folk, Celtic and blues influences – would make for an interesting evening.  How pleased they were to discover they loved performing together!  As they continued to grow together, they began to feel as sisters in song and, thus, became SongSisters.

They meet regularly in Chicago (the half-way point of the 85-mile distance between them) to rehearse and re-imagine their original songs for the trio.  They also enjoy re-interpreting favorite cover songs, instilling them with SongSisters’ flair.  When writing new compositions, it is often with each other in mind, knowing the songs will be much richer when played and sung together.  SongSisters tours the Midwest and beyond, performing at clubs, music series, benefits, house concerts, festivals, and live radio shows.

In 2013, they recorded their SongSisters LIVE! CD, which has received nationwide attention and airplay.  On their solo CDs, SongSisters can be heard on multiple tracks as they support each other’s efforts.

While Sue, Patti, and Amy flourish in their individual careers, coming together as SongSisters always adds a sense of celebration to their musical journeys.  They invite their audiences to come join them in joyful song.

"SongSisters kick butt!"
     -Sue Demel - Songs of the Never Wrong

...Top shelf talent times three and a pure delight!  Sue Fink, Amy Dixon-Kolar, Patti Shaffner ... are outstanding solo artists who shine alone, but together become a solar force to be reckoned with, as they exchange their superb songs along with exceptional harmonies, friendly bantering and spot-on humor--great music and great entertainment from these lovely ladies! “   
    - Lilli Kuzma, host of "Folk Festival" on WDCB Public Radio (Glen Ellyn/Chicago)

“...SongSisters delight me with their blend of three female voices. I secretly want to join them onstage so I can be a part of that sound. In addition to the sound of their voices, SongSisters bring such a warm and joyful presence to the stage. Each of them is also a strong songwriter and vocalist who... successfully performs alone, but when they combine their talents the result is magical!”       
     - Jane Schreiner - Front Porch Music, Valparaiso, IN

...SongSisters' visit to Kalamazoo had our audience wide eyed at times, soothed at others and occasionally gasping in delight at their menagerie of captivating songs backed by tight harmonies." 
    - Tomme Maile, Trybal Revival House Concerts 

"They (the SS) packed the place and I noticed that many in the audience were smiling from their ears."  
   -Scott Engstrom, The Lake County Folk Club, http://thelakecountyfolkclub.org/

                                   Sue Fink          Patti Shaffner         Amy Dixon-Kolar

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